Topic 1. Disagreement and the pursuit of knowledge

Disagreements can aid the pursuit of knowledge in the natural sciences.


Disagreement, knowledge, natural and human sciences.

Disagreements may be over the logic of arguments or value of evidence – thus linking the idea of disagreements to two ways of knowing: reason and perception.

Disagreement may also refer to personality clashes among scientists or disagreement arising from different paradigms or assumptions, an example of this would be the Bohr-Einstein debate (video).

The word ‘disagreement’ can therefore be understood in different ways. You want to define what you mean by disagreement in your introduction to give your essay more focus.

Knowledge issues

The topic assumes that disagreements may help the pursuit of knowledge. This is not necessarily so. You may want to challenge this assumption by showing that in some cases disagreements may hinder the pursuit of knowledge.

Possible other knowledge issues/questions...

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